Our vision is to see people discover their blueprint, realize their potential, and find their place.


To produce authentic, loving disciples of Jesus Christ, who understand their calling and potential, are maturing in their faith, and committed to nurturing and inspiring others to become what God has created them to be.


01. God Honoring

It’s about honoring God by honoring people.

02. Grace Believing

It’s about loving people where they are, but loving them enough not to leave them where they are.

03. Grace Giving

It’s about relationship, not rules.

04. Generous Giving

It’s about investing in something that is bigger than us that will last longer than us.

05. Spirit Leading

 It’s about having a plan, but allowing God to direct our steps.

06. Joy Bringing

It’s about being a light in a dark world.

07. Mission Going

 It’s about being involved locally and thinking globally.

08. Worship Living

It’s about becoming the song we sing about.

09. Love Showing

 It’s about demonstrating compassion for everyone.

10. Always Growing

 It’s about becoming more like Jesus.